Stacy Jones

Whiskey Wine and Water


Stacy Jones

Whiskey, Wine, & Water


Coming off another award-winning year – 2014 Washington Blues Society “Best Female Vocalist” – Stacy Jones returns with another blistering blues long-player, ‘Whiskey, Wine, & Water.’After the album opens the train-chuggin blues of “Can’t Do Nothin’ Right,” there’s a couple things conspicuously missing here. Jones dropped the “Band” from her moniker, and her harmonica-fused blues sound she built her career on is pushed to the back in favor of a more alt-country and dare I say folk as the primary basis of these song structures.Don’t get me wrong, there are still elements of blues within these dozen tracks. The down and dirty title track has a little swagger to it, while the boogie woogie of “Keep On Keepin’ On” is an ass shaker. Aside from those three tracks, Jones’ influences of Big Mama Thorton, Muddy Waters, and Led Zeppelin are replaced by the country two-step of “You and Me, Tonight,” the 1960s folk of “4 Days More.” and the bluegrass of “Lost Lovers Waltz.” This isn’t a bad thing, but it’s unexpected. With elements of the Carter Family and Lucinda Williams running throughout these tracks, Stacy Jones expands her repertoire and pulls it off because she had an amazing range as a vocalist. It’s just that ‘Whiskey, Wine, & Water’ is more Nashville honky-tonk than Mississippi juke joint.

 MAY 1, 2015

Innocent Words –Jonathan Tuttle


“Seattle-based country-folk-Americana singer-songwriter Stacy Jones is a vocal powerhouse and talented musician who plays acoustic guitar, ukulele, harmonica, piano, organ, and electric slide. She has performed at South by Southwest, the Chicago Blues Festival and other national and regional festivals, and has been nominated for “Best of the Blues” awards in songwriting, performance, harmonica, guitar, and winning vocalist of the year. Her fourth studio album, “Whiskey, Wine & Water,” features all new original songs recorded and co-produced by Floyd Rietsma (Pearl Jam and Dave Mathews) at Studio Litho in Seattle. Support is provided by Kevin Sutton, Sean Denton, and Mark Riley on lead guitar, Rick Bowen on drums, Tom Jones on upright and electric bass, and Jon Parry on fiddle. These are all top-notch musicians.The CD wallet includes a pull-out with a signed picture and short explanations on how/why she wrote the songs – nice touch. The CD”

– Sue Menhart, Sound Waves (Apr 02, 2015)


“Personally, I believe that such a gig soon gain even more fans around the world, and not only those who love the blues, but all who love good music. With their new album “Whiskey, Wine & Water” Stacy listeners transmits a strong message, which is only a step towards more global affirmation.The songs offered on this album clearly indicate the width the musician and her backup band. It is this diversity of interpretation and presentation of musicians, who with their music clearly all make it clear that each in his Fahui real and exceptional master, powerful trump album. Well, finally, here are their names: Stacy Jones (vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar, harmonica), Kevin Sutton (guitar and vocals), Rick J Bowen (drums and vocals) and Tom Jones (bass), and there are special guests, guitarists Mark Riley and Sean Denton Jon Parry, who with his violin further spice up the story. Produced by Stacy Jones and Floyd Reitsma, and filmed and mixed by Floyd Reitsma at Studio Litho in Seattle.”

– Mike Mladen, Sound guardian (Apr 01, 2015)

If you thought you knew what to expect from a Stacy Jones album, you’re going to get quite a surprise when you hear “Whiskey, Wine And Water”. The up-tempo opening track “Can’t Do Nothing Right” gives a lie to the whole album, Stacy and the band can do little wrong! Unlike earlier albums, there are nice shades of country with fiddle on — “You And Me Tonight” and the tremendous rollicking “San Antonio” although both remain with one foot in the blues. Brooding ballads, power blues, gentle blues, up-tempo blues and the guitar on “Mama” is almost reminiscent of the Allman Brothers. Given Stacy’s harmonica skills, they’re a bit under-represented. However, Kevin Sutton (guitar), Tom Jones (bass) and Rick J Bowen (drums) provide a real power trio to show-case Stacy’s voice. The band’s best album yet in my humble opinion!” Cliff McKnight, Nothing But the Blues UK

– Cliff McKnight, Nothing But the Blues U.K (Feb 01, 2015)


“Stacy Jones connects with her Country Roots telling her story of a Whiskey & Water Baptism that lace Blues and Rock edges bringing this collection of songs to life. She embraces the Singer-Songwriter she has developed into with a conviction that listeners will relate to. From “Can’t Do Nothing Right”, “Whiskey Wine and Water” to “San Antonio”, crack the Crown and get down road with Stacy’s musical story.” Jonathan Oogie” Richards NWCZ Radio

– jonathan ‘Oogie” Richards, Mighty mouth Blues/NWCZ Radio (Feb 01, 2015)


Stacy Jones,

Pouring a Round of True Sass and Class


Whiskey Wine & Water – From behind the microphone Stacy Jones will kick you so hard you will fall backwards over your chair. This is truly a band that knows their craft and will have you swinging hard. With foot stomping attitude Stacey and the band will have dancing the floor afire with the track “Can’t Do Nothing Right”. From the snap in the snare, the pulse of the bass and the sizzle of guitars Stacey sets you up for a time of great fun. With the acoustic guitar swagger on “You and Me Tonight” you will feel like grabbing your love and holding them tight all night long. Fiddle work weaves like a true hard passion through this song that is so sweet you might just get a toothache. Overall the production on this collection is top shelf and you can tell this is no band of hillbillies cutting in their daddy’s garage. This is a band of true, seasoned pros. With a bit of slide in your step you will sway to the cool breeze that blows through your soul on “Dreams”. Stacy has a classic voice that commands from the mic. She can weave tales with her voice that make you feel like you are there with her. A true artist with a soulful voice you will open your eyes while listening and feel a bit sad that she is not right there in the room with you. The chicken pickin on, “Hole in My Sole” add extra flavor with the right dash of sass. The rhythm section of ensemble is undeniably one of the greats. Drum work is in perfect balance with the band and adds the right amount of kick and roll. Bass guitar work pulses the tunes along and courts your ears to dance like a sultry lover. With title track in ear, “Whiskey Wine & Water” resisting the urge to hit your local Honky Tonk and tear up the night is going to be hard to do. Stacy Jones delivers a soundtrack for great fun and trouble all night long just make sure you don’t get caught. I would highly recommend this album to those that like Country, Blues, Rock or a 5 star class of sass. You don’t need to wait till the weekend to have too much fun. Just slide over and press play for just the right dose of Whiskey, Wine & Water.